The truth about unwanted gifts

Image of unwanted gifts depicting landfill

Is it really the thought that counts when it comes to unwanted gifts?

The big problem with gifting, especially among adults, is that people don’t often know what the gift recipient wants, needs, or appreciates. And if the gift-givers are pressured by a specific event date (e.g. Christmas), they are prone to make some “interesting” gift choices.

These “interesting” choices not only affect people’s relationships and create clutter in their homes, but unwanted gifts also severely impact other areas of our life.

Let’s look at the true impact of unwanted gifts.

Infographic by online gift platform chipin explaining the impact of unwanted gifts and wrapping paper in Australia
Gifting Wastage in Australia Infographic by online gift platform chipin


Sources: Ecovoice, National Storage, Financial Planning Association Australia


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